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  Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C and D onANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

  An important factor of leadership is attraction. This does not mean attractiveness in the ordinary sense, for that is a born quality _1_ our control. The leader has, nevertheless, to be a magnet; a central figure towards whom people are_ 2 _. Magnetism in that sense depends, first of all, _3_ being seen. There is a type of authority which can be _4_ from behind closed doors, but that is not leadership. _5_ there is movement and action, the true leaders is in the forefront and may seem, indeed, to be everywhere at once. He has to become a legend; the _6_ for anecdotes, whether true or _7_ ; character. One of the simplest devices is to be absent _8_ the occasion when the leader might be _9_ to be there, enough in itself to start a rumor about the vital business _10_ has detained him.

  To _11_ up for this, he can appeal when least expected, giving rise to another story about the interest he can display _12_ things which other folks might _13_ as trivial. With this gift for _14_ curiosity the leader always combines a reluctance to talk about himself. His interest is _15_ in other people he questions them and encourages them to talk and then remembers all _16_ is relevant. He never leaves a party _17_ he has mentally field a minimum dossier(档案) on _18_ present, ensuring that he knows _19_ to say when he meets them again.He is not artificially extrovert but he would usually rather listen _20_ talk. Others realize gradually that his importance needs no proof.

  1. [A]. in [B]. beyond [C]. under [D]. of

  2. [A]. united [B]. dragged [C]. drawn [D]. hauled

  3. [A]. at [B]. in [C]. about [D]. on

  4. [A]. looked [B]. recognized [C]. exercised [D]. respected

  5. [A]. Where [B]. Though [C]. Because [D]. When

  6. [A]. minor role [B]. subject [C]. joke [D]. supplement

  7. [A]. incorrect [B]. wrong [C]. false [D]. bad

  8. [A]. in [B]. on [C]. at [D]. under

  9. [A]. refused [B]. suspected [C]. expelled [D]. expected

  10. [A]. which [B]. when [C]. what [D]. where

  11. [A]. take [B]. make [C]. come [D]. give

  12. [A]. on [B]. in [C]. about [D]. at

  13. [A]. look [B]. think [C]. view [D]. deal

  14. [A]. decreasing [B]. possessing [C]. inspiring [D]. urging

  15. [A]. directly [B]. obscurely [C]. scarcely [D]. plainly

  16. [A]. which [B]. that [C]. what [D]. one

  17. [A]. after [B]. when [C]. until [D]. before

  18. [A]. someone [B]. everyone [C]. men [D]. one

  19. [A]. when [B]. where [C]. which [D]. what

  20. [A]. and [B]. or [C]. than [D]. but


  1. [答案]B

  [解析]本题测试词义搭配。本句译文:领导艺术的一个最重要的因素是吸引力。这不是指普通意义上的吸引力,因为那是一种我们无法控制的天生的品质。beyond one’s control 意为“无法控制,在控制力之外”; bein control of 意为“持有对……的控制力”;under control 意为“在……的控制之下,得到控制”。

  2. [答案]C

  [解析]本题测试同义词辨析。本句译文:然而,领导者必须是一块磁石,一位能把他人吸引到身边的中心人物。draw to/towards 意为“吸引”;drag 意为“拖拽,(工作、时间)缓慢而协调地进行”;haul 意为“用力拖拉”;unite 意为“联合”。

  3. [答案]D

  [解析]本题测试惯用搭配。考查词组 depend on。

  4. [答案]C

  [解析]本题测试词义搭配。本句译文:在紧闭的门后施展权威,体现不出领导能力。exercise authority(useauthority)意为“行使权威”;recognize 意为“认出”;respect 意为“尊敬”。

  5. [答案]A

  [解析]本题测试结构搭配。where 引导一个地点状语从句,其他选项不符合句意。

  6. [答案]B

  [解析]本题测试逻辑性词义搭配。本句译文:他必须是一个传奇人物、奇闻轶事(不管是真是假)的中心主题、一个重要角色。subject 意为“主题”。

  7. [答案]C [解析]本题测试逻辑性词义搭配。or 表示前后词的意思并列,在这应互为反义词,所以选false。注意:wrong 和 right 对应;bad 和 good 对应。

  8. [答案]B [解析]本题测试惯用搭配。本句译文:最简单的策略之一是在众人期盼的场合下缺席,这足以引起谣言,谈论到底是什么重要的事把领导耽搁住了。on the occasion 意为“在……场合下/情况下”。

  9. [答案]D [解析]本题测试逻辑性词义搭配。译文:当某领导被大家……的时候,他缺席了,这足以引起谣言,揣测他耽搁的原因。所以是领导“该出席没出席”,只能选 expect“期待,盼望”。refuse 意为“拒绝”,suspect 意为“怀疑”,expel 意为“驱逐”,三个选项均不合题意。

  10. [答案]A [解析]本题测试句法分析。后面的定语从句修饰 the vital business,而从句中缺少一个主语,因此只能选择 which。when 和 where 分别表示时间和地点,作状语不能作主语;what 不能引导定语从句。

  11. [答案]B [解析]本题测试惯用搭配。本句译文:为了补偿这次缺席的影响,他在最意想不到的场合出现,引起另一轮关于他的兴趣的猜测,人们会认为他在其他人认为琐碎的事情上显示出兴趣。make up for意为“补偿;弥补”。

  12. [答案]B [解析]本题测试惯用搭配。display/show/express interest in sth. 意为“对……显示出兴趣”。

  13. [答案]C [解析]本题测试词义搭配。view sth.as(regard sth.as)意为“把……认为/当作……”。其他选项在搭配上均错。注意错误选项 B,当变成 think of…as 时与 regard…as 同义。

  14. [答案]C [解析]本题测试逻辑性词义搭配。相关译文:“此领导具有激发他人好奇心的天赋,但不愿谈论自己。他的兴趣显然在别人身上:他向下属提问,鼓励他们交谈,然后记住所有的相关信息。”inspire意为&ld

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